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6 Steps to implementing VoIP for your business


If you are thinking about moving from a traditional landline to a VoIP system but are unsure how to go about? Here we explain in 6 easy steps how to implement VoIP for your business.


Assess Business Requirements
We find out your business requirements and what you need from your VoIP system. We will go through the specific features your business requires and any needs that are imperative to make your business operate more efficiently and just how you need it too! Whether we come and visit your site, or you prefer this to be over the phone, we will discuss exactly how you need your phone system to work and really get to know how your business operates so we can provide a bespoke VoIP solution completely tailored to your business.
Site and Network Audit
So we can understand the structure of your business and how your network operates, we will organise a site visit. This will help us determine the different departments that make up your business and how they are not only set up in terms of networking but understand how they work and their role within their business. We will also do a thorough inspection of your building to ensure there are enough sockets, ports, equipment etc. Broadband capacity and bandwidth are also a vital factor when you are looking to deploy VoIP, so we will also access your broadband speeds and ensure there is sufficient capacity to allow your VoIP system to operate as it should.
Proposing your VoIP Solution
Once we have a full understanding of how your business operates and your requirements, we will propose and present your VoIP system solution. We will organise a demo of your system and also provide you with a test account so you can visualise how your phone system will work and look.
Planning the Implementation of your VoIP System
Jibba Jabba work with you to come up with a plan of the implementation of your VoIP system. From timescales and deadlines to the deployment of phones to different departments. We ensure your migration to VoIP is seamless with no unnecessary downtime.
We are with you every step of the way when it comes to installing your VoIP system. Whether you require one of our engineers to visit site for assistance or your IT team requires our support, we will ensure the deployment plan is fully followed and your installation is hassle free.
Our friendly team of system experts provide your staff with onsite training and on-going support to ensure they are fully competent on using the VoIP system and all its features. Jibba Jabba VoIP makes your business communications simple. Once your VoIP system has been installed, you benefit from our 24/7 customer service support, ongoing upgrades and maintenance and all the other benefits your VoIP system has to offer.



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