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Coupled with market leading international costs to landlines and mobiles in over 250 destinations around the globe, we are positive you’ll never be in for a shock with us.


Calls to UK

Pence per minute
In unlimited minutes package
O2, EE, Vodaphone, Three 10.0p YES
Landline - 01, 02, 03, 056 2p YES


Features & Benefits of choosing a Jibba Jabba Line

This is when an ISDN2e line connects to a PBX. Signals from the network travel as far as the PBX which then, according to how it's programmed, decides the onward routing. DDI's can be set up with this configuration to point to internal extensions. This is the most popular choice of ISDN configuration.

All our lines are supplied and supported by Openreach. Openreach are part of the BT group, but hold a heavily regulated position ensuring a fair and transparent supply of the BT network for all providers. In simple terms, it allows Jibba Jabba to operate competitively against the larger established players including BT retail. We have access to the same appointment slots for installations or faults, and engineers who attend have no idea as to the service provider they are acting on behalf of. Without Openreach, we would not be able to operate in the market place as confidently as we do.

Unlike a growing number of our competitors we don't contract you to a minimum spend each month simply to get the best rates. We offer the best rates to all our customers allowing you to make use of the lines without thinking of how much or how little you are spending.

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we operate our PSTN lines on 1 month contract terms. We believe that as long as we remain competitive and provide the support you require, there should be no need to restrict your line provider choice.

We understand that a business utilises its telecoms as their main communications channel, and that telecoms faults can have a huge impact on operations.

All support is housed in the UK, within our offices in the heart of Yorkshire, and our dedicated support staff are highly trained in dealing with support queries. Using the very latest WLR3 platform from Openreach ensures we have powerful diagnostic tools, and the ability to pick appointments whilst you are on a call to us. We are here to help you and assist 24/7, 365 days a year.