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  • We’re waving goodbye to another old friend and this time it's Copper Broadband.


We’re waving goodbye to another old friend and this time it's Copper Broadband.

The UK’s network is changing. It’s the end for Copper Broadband, so when is this happening and what can you do about it if you are a current customer on those packages?

You’ve more than likely heard this before but its an important subject worth mentioning, especially if you are on Copper Broadband package currently. Stop sell is underway on copper broadband products, so if you are still on one of these services it’s important you plan for this service being unavailable at some point in the future.

What does that mean to me and my business?

Stop sell means that no sale of Copper Broadband services will take effect in 2023 but as more and more Full Fibre exchanges are added some areas of the UK are seeing them take place now.

Once an area is Full Fibre enabled sales of Copper Broadband ends and eventually these services cease.


Your need to know

  • When 75% of businesses and homes connected to a particular exchange can access Full Fibre customers and businesses in those areas won’t be able to buy copper products if Full Fibre is available at those premises.
  • This will affect anyone who's signing up for a new contract and this applies to switching, upgrading or re-grading. If you're out of contract and already on a copper product, you may be able to continue your existing copper-based services in unique circumstances - If you think this may be the case then you should speak to your communications provider as soon as possible.
  • Openreach have already instigated stop sells on copper products in Salisbury, Wiltshire and  have announced a further 550 locations, where they will stop selling copper products between now and August 2022 and from September 2023 they will only provide digital phones across the UK. 
  • Other communications network providers may choose to impose this sooner, so it is best to check with your provider and plan for any eventualities to avoid any business disruption.
  • Remember, If you're unable to get Ultrafast Full Fibre at your premises you won't be immediately affected, you will still be able to keep your existing copper product until the exchanges are upgraded but once they are you should move to Full Fibre as soon as possible to future proof your communications.


Turning off the old copper network

Once Full Fibre is available for an area copper will be phased as network providers will not be able to maintain these old technologies to keep them running – mainly due expense due to replacement parts being increasingly unavailable, also network providers have committed to enabling world class connectivity and trying to keep obsolete network technology would undermine those efforts.

If you want to check what broadband is available in your location you can do so on our broadband page here. Or contact us by telephoning +44 1302 247530 or click the button below to arrange a chat with us.

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Article by Ashley Harris on: 26/5/22




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