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  • The importance of VoIP Call Recordings and how they are a game changer for your business


How call recordings can benefit your company

The importance of VoIP Call Recordings and how they are a game changer for your business

Running a successful customer service team can be challenging, now imagine someone has acquired, or is suing you based on false information. It’s not as far fetched as you imagine, in fact it’s happening right now to many companies across the UK, and internationally

This nightmare scenario can be easily countered, by having access to a recording of the phone call with every bit of detail needed to quash the malicious claim. This kind of incident is actually, unfortunately now quite a fairly common occurance,  and is one of the most likely causes of wrong allegations.

According to a BBC report, COVID has impacted negatively on  customer service. The drive to find employees to fill vacancy shortages and those who have been forced on a different career path in recent years by the pandemic has brought in an influx of people new to the industry, this lack of experience means greater support is vital to maintain customer experience standards.

To offer a better customer service experience and to help companies, agents, we have included some premium features to ensure ease of communication. These include easy call reporting, Diallers, CRM integration and most importantly call recording features.


Showing your customers you have interests at heart

In the past, most companies have been a little wary of call recording for fear it would look negatively on their company image. However these days call recording has actually become the norm within the industry and customers see it as a reassuring sign that a company values their customers and wants to do the best by them. 


To show the importance of VoIP call recording, let’s look at business VoIP communication, the benefits, and why it can be an essential tool to your business success.

VoIP Call Recordings and why you need them

When you call a companies customer service number and you hear “this call is being recorded and monitored for quality assurance”. This is the customer’s is heads-up so they know everything is on the record. VoIP call recording a reliable and secure method of keeping a record of this two-way conversation.

In most cases this record is kept in the cloud so you can access it if or when you need to. In past times when call centres were separate from the core of the business, customer care centres had access to only limited information. However, thanks to the shift to VoIP companies have access to up to the minute and extensive information to act upon.

Now, small businesses are also looking for these features so they can compete on the same level as the larger ones. Whereas before you would need to use a third-party tool for recording calls, group conversations which could be expensive now VoIP offers you the same features to an enhanced level for a fraction of the cost.

The ability to draw on this information can help to cut down response times dealing with issues, enhance your brand image in a positive way, and boost the customer experience. By keeping a record of all the conversations, and using the right tool to access them when needed, you can cater to more clients but also make key efficiencies in time and resourcing.

Why Call Recording is essential for Small Business?

Small businesses are utilising this feature because they realise more than ever that customer care matters. At the same time every company needs to guard themselves against any legal matters in the event of malicious claims. Some of the advantages for small businesses are:

  • Call recording can assist the creating your next of conversational script. You can review the best calls which have generated the most positive outcomes and adapt your future strategy to enhance this success.
  • Call recording assists in training as it gives real world examples of the daily communication taking place between company agents and customers. This provides a greater understanding of issues that arise because of a lack of information or loopholes in training.
  • Call recording helps to keep accurate records. These can be vital in helping the company face down any legal issues in consumer court.
  • Each business has their own set of protocols. Supervisors can ensure that these are being followed correctly by the customer care agent in addition it can also assist them in offering extra training if needed.
  • With call recording, your representatives can retrieve relevant information anytime. Avoiding having to request repeat information from the customer and helping where perhaps there was distortion or misunderstanding due to interruption or background noise at the customers side.

In summary, call recording features are a must-have for all kinds of businesses. They have helped improve business communications and ensure the smooth running of businesses. It’s a welcome tool to have for any business looking to maximise success from customer call interactions.

If you would like to implement call recordings for your business they please chat to a member of our team today.


Article by Ashley Harris on: 3/3/22




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