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So, You’re STILL not prepared for The 2020 Problem?

Why ignoring the 2020 problem is bad for your business

Maybe you heard about this last year or over Christmas. Or maybe it’s brand new to you.

But on the 14th January, The 2020 Problem finally arrives.

What is it? It’s where a load of Windows software finally reaches its end of life. Including Windows 7, Office 2010 and lots of critical server software.

Once it’s reached end of life it won’t be supported or updated by Microsoft any more.

That leaves you using out of date software and therefore not GDPR-compliant. And also at major risk of a security breach. Hackers love out of date software. As there’s no-one to stop them when they discover a way into a system.

Because hackers don’t tend to target specific companies of your size. They target ALL companies ALL the time. Using automated software to look for vulnerabilities they can exploit.

It’s believed hacking generates profits of $1.5 trillion a year globally. Thats an astounding figure and demonstrates the scale of the threats everyday by businesses and consumers.
Don't let the hackers pull your strings

This time of year, it’s a good plan to review what you do and how you do it.

Because technology is changing and improving so fast right now, there might be better ways to achieve what you want to do.

And we’ve seen first-hand the impact that failing, unsupported software can have on an organisation. And that’s why we wrote a brand new guide about it.


To arrange a no obligation review give US a call on 0800 802 1651. Or to find out more download our guide using the form on this page.





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