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Moving premises? Have you checked your broadband options?

How it started. How its going

Save yourself a headache! DO IT NOW!

More often than not at the moment, especially on new business estates we are hearing from customers who are being left with inadequate broadband speeds.

Unfortunately, it isn’t cost effective for BT to install a dedicated cab just for a handful of business customers and so we urge you to ask yourself before you move to any new premises – ‘What are my connectivity options?’

Who to ask and what to do before you move

Speed check
  1. Ask an independent telecoms provider- here at Jibba Jabba, we can do these checks for you. Please provide us with the post code, address and / or telephone number and we can advise what your connectivity options are by checking all the UK network providers alternatively you can do a quick check with just a postcode on this page.
  2. The Property Management Company. They should be able to inform you of your options.
  3. Check with the neighbouring businesses. What route did they go down?

Set on the move but none of the solutions satisfactory?

Don’t give up hope!

1. Leased Line – this is without a doubt the BEST option. A dedicated fibre line, with guaranteed speeds of your choice. They come with a guaranteed Service Level Agreement and you may even be able to receive funding towards the installation costs via the Gigabit voucher scheme. To find out more about leased lines click here.

2. 4G connectivity – if you don’t want to swallow the cost of having a leased line, provided the 4G signal is good, you could run everything from a 4G router and SIM with unlimited data.

Still not sure? Give us a call on 01302 247530 and we can talk you through it.

We can also arrange a site visit, free of charge, to advise the best and most cost-effective option for you!




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