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Make sure your business doesn’t outgrow your phone system!

Is your phone system big enough to cope with your business' needs?

Our director Ashley Harris explains how a VOIP system can grow with you company and you help you improve as a company. Watch the video now or read on below.

A successful business needs sales. In order to get sales, you need to communicate with your customers.

With a Jibba Jabba phone system, you can constantly be contactable and never miss important opportunities, from an app for remote workers to virtual numbers to increase your company reach and target audiences, to features such as voicemail to email, where you can pick up your messages anywhere. YOU, can be in control of the most effective ways for your business to communicate with your customers.



Our system can also boost your marketing and sales strategies too with;

  • Custom music on hold which can be used to promote products and services
  • Virtual receptionists for that top notch customer service, get to the right department – FAST
  • Call monitoring and statistics can help you review how effective your campaigns have been and compare what has worked best.
  • The ability to call from different area codes broadening your reach for potential business and giving your business that geographical reach is also a great tool to use! ……

But there are so many more!


To find out how phone system can help your business grow, contact me for more information at Email: hello@jibbajabba.uk.com or Telephone and speak to me direct on: 01302 247530




its easier than you think to switch to a jibbajabba voip business phone download our brochure here

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