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Jibba Jabba introduce new initiative to bring people together

Bringing people together

Official Club Doncaster partner Jibba Jabba have introduced a new initiative to encourage fans who usually attend Rovers matches alone to join them in the restaurant they sponsor for a bite to eat and some friendly company.

Doncaster Rovers Football Club is a professional association football sponsored by Jibba Jabba competing in League One, the third tier of the English football league system,.

10 lucky fans were invited to experience hospitality at the home game against Coventry City on January 18 on behalf of the VOIP, telecoms, broadband, and leased lines provider.

Doncaster FC

By reaching out on social media, and via Rovers’ official channels, fans were able to meet new companions to travel to games with, and even have a chat with former Rovers players Barry Miller and Glyn Snoddin.

Jibba Jabba global account manager Steve Newton said: “January in general is such a terrible time of year for both the weather and for attending games. It’s even more difficult when you are attending on your own, so we thought we’d look for a way to bring people together.

“Personally I enjoy the football a lot more when you can sit and chat about the game with people, so we wanted to make it possible for fans who usually attend games alone a treat.

“The people I have met through this really project has made going to football matches so much more enjoyable. They are amazing people who have become good friends.

“Using Jibba Jabba’s table in the restaurant we wanted to create a memorable matchday experience.”

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