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5 ways remote workforces can benefit from VoIP

Remote Working

It is predicted that 50% of UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020 and with this in mind, you too can promote a flexible working environment with the right connectivity tools, enabling your staff to become more productive both inside and outside the office.

So, in order for your employees to communicate effectively, whether this be to other colleagues in the office, clients or suppliers, they need the tools!

This is where VoIP comes in! With VoIP, employees can answer calls anytime, anywhere, as if they are still in the office, even when they are not.


1. VoIP Deskphone’s - The great thing about a VoIP deskphone, is you can plug the phone into any home office with an internet connection, and the phone will still work as though it is still in the office building. This is great if you work from home for one day a week and you can take your office phone with you for that one day.

2. Softphone Applications – With VoIP, you can download softphone apps to your smartphone, laptops and other smart devices, and continue to use these devices like you would your deskphone, so in essence, you are taking your office with you, wherever you go. You can receive and make calls using your office extension, which minimises the risk of missing any calls.

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3. Smart Diverts – Instantly divert calls to your mobile number with just a click of a button so you no longer have to be sat at your desk to receive your calls. You can also divert your calls to any landline number too, and this can be fully administered by you on our phone system portal.

4. Advanced Features – Voicemail boxes can be created, and users are notified via an email when they have a new voicemail, so all calls can be actioned. There are also enhanced features such as ‘Follow Me’ which allows calls to ring on both the VoIP handset/softphone and your mobile. Users can also create call schedules, so they can select different call routing destinations at different times of the day, so they select when they are available to take calls.

5. Virtual Numbers – Virtual numbers allow remote workers to use different phone numbers from different area codes to improve the reach of clients. If your employees have a strong client base in London, yet your office is situated in Manchester and an employee is working at their home in Bradford, you can select virtual numbers with a London area code to improve trust from potential clients.

For any more information on transferring your workforce to VoIP contact us today or download our FREE Beginner’s Guide to VoIP.





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