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  • 5 benefits of call recordings


5 reasons why your business needs call recordings

5 benefits of call recordings

Call recording is an increasingly important feature of business phone system that automatically records the audio content of  a phone conversation. The content is recorded for every call and are stored by your provider, giving you the ability to playback and download any time you need to.

Providers often vary what features and implementation they provide  - some might not offer call recordings at all. Others might just give you access to your call recordings for a set time period, for example the last 30 days.

We can store your call recordings for up to 7 years or longer if required by your industry regulators.

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5 ways call recording can help your business thrive.

  • Meeting compliance regulation obligations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Giving feedback to help improve caller experience
  • Monitoring standards of customer service
  • Utilise for staff training materials


Call recordings are one of the many features you can enjoy with our business VoIP phone system. For more inforamtion on VoIP download our VoIP Guide or click here to view our packages.



Call recordings have a range of applications and in some industries they are a regulatory requirement. They can help improve the customer experience and highlight any training needs. They can be essential in helping to resolve disputes should the need arise. Call recordings can be an invaluable tool you can use to get ahead of your competitors by refining the experience you offer your customers on the phone; allowing your agents to better standards of service and productivity.

If your business could benefit from call recordings and you would like to talk to us about implementing them for you then please give us a call on 01302 247 530 or click below to use our enquiry form.


Article by Ashley Harris on: 22/7/22




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