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  • 11 signs your business has been hacked and how to avoid them


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Being hacked is scary. It has the potential to destroy your business and everything you’ve worked towards.

The reality today is that all businesses are being targeted, all the time. Hackers use automated software to look for vulnerabilities everywhere. And when they find them, they will exploit them to either cause damage, or demand cash to release data.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make your computer completely impenetrable to a cyber attack of this kind. Which means hackers will keep on finding ways to steal money from you, your business and potentially your clients. Even large organisations with full time cyber security teams cannot 100% guarantee they can stop this from happening.

But you can make it really difficult for hackers to break into your computer by following the steps detailed in our downloadable guide.

The global cost of cyber crime itself is expected to exceed $2 trillion in 2019.
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As you’re reading this, think about if your business is prepared for a potential attack – small or large. And if your data was leaked, your systems rendered useless and money stolen, how this would affect the business you have worked so hard to build?

There’s lots of ways hackers can steal your hard earned money and it all starts by getting your personal data. This can be via a Malware or phishing scam, ransomware, or by hacking into your online and social media accounts.


make sure you take steps to avoid the most common pitfalls our guide will tell you what these are and how best to avoid them.


Article by Ashley Harris on: 20/6/19




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