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How VoIP can help you ‘keep hold’ of your customers

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Did you know that by keeping your customers on hold, you could actually be losing business?

The sound of dead air, irritating ‘on hold’ music or even the radio (which may infact be promoting your competitors) your callers could be listening to ‘on-hold’ messages. Providing carefully scripted messages which engage and educate your customers whilst they are ‘on hold’ can be a vital tool for your business, especially from a marketing and information perspective. These messages can cover a variety of topics including new products/services and promotions.

The Jibba Jabba VoIP system allows users to record custom messages that replace on hold music with just a few clicks of a button at no extra cost to your current VoIP package.

So, reduce the risk of missing out on valuable business opportunities and consider switching your 'on-hold' music to messages.

To find out more about the many features of the Jibba Jabba VoIP system, contact our team 01302 247530


And watch this space for further news. We don’t want to spoil the surprise right now but we have lots more coming!




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