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Gigabit Voucher Scheme for Business

  • Vouchers of up to £2500 available through us to small and medium sized businesses towards the connection costs of full fibre, ultrafast broadband.


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Is your business inline for a Superfast Broadband boost? Thanks to the Governments Gigabit Voucher Scheme you could soon be flying.



The Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is making vouchers of up to £2500 available to small and medium sized businesses towards the connection costs of full fibre, ultrafast broadband.

We’re currently connecting businesses now but if your business hasn’t yet made the switch, now’s the perfect time to join the ultrafast revolution. It’s easy to do – to find out which voucher you’re entitled to, just fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.

In total, there is £67 million available to businesses across the country which is given out on a first come first served basis.


What is the Gigabit Voucher Scheme?

The scheme aims to speed up the rollout of Gigabit-capable (1Gbps) fibre broadband connections so businesses in the UK can benefit from faster internet, sooner. It covers FTTP connections rather than FTTC, which means fibre is connected to your property rather than a cabinet which usually houses connections for the full street.

Jibba Jabba is offering the SME Business grant which gives businesses vouchers up to £2500 on Lightstream fibre connections. Businesses just pay the VAT.

How soon will I be connected?

The conditions of the scheme mean we must connect you within 12 months of your order, however we expect in almost all cases, you would be connected far sooner than that. Some customers may be prioritised based on how close they are to our current rollout areas.

Gigabit voucher scheme is still open for applications

How do I apply?

Call 01302 247 530 or Click the button below.
We’ll contact you through the packages and let you know which voucher you’re eligible for.


Eligibility criteria are: You must take a new connection which meets the Scheme rules. You must not have an existing gigabyte capable service and your new connection must be at least double your current broadband speed. The contract entered must be for a min. of 12 months of which at least 6 months will be fully paid. Your new connection must be installed within 12 months of the offer of a voucher.