Leased Lines for Business

  • Fly high with our high capacity connections for data hungry businesses.


Go Faster
Go Faster


Enjoy significant benefits in speed for higher capacity users


Leased Lines and Ethernet provide your business with guaranteed symmetrical connectivity reinforced by a premium 100% availability Service Level Agreement honoured by Service Credits. Leased Lines are available over copper (EFM) or fibre (Ethernet) and offers bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps.


Delivering consistently high speeds, our leased lines are supplied without contention restrictions meaning the bandwidth you purchase is solely used by your business. If you have a requirement for high speed, you won’t get any faster than a leased line making it an essential tool for today’s modern businesses.

No usage limits, no matter the traffic, download at full speed all day, everyday without any restrictions or usage limits.


Jibba Jabba Dedicated Leased Line

The ultimate leased line experience for performance and resilience.

Connectivity up to 1Gbps

From £269.00 per month
(ex. VAT)*


Delivering the ultimate experience in guaranteed data transfer, with up to 1Gbps bandwidth available. Fibre Ethernet uses identical circuits over separate infrastructures to ensure optimal resilience.

  • 1Gbps from £269.00 per month (ex. VAT)*



  • Bandwidth available from 10Mbps - 1Gbps
  • High speed and enterprise-class quality
  • Scalable bandwidth - as and when you need to
  • Delivered directly via 100Mbps or 1Gbps bearers
  • Typical lead time 30-65 working days
  • Dedicated 24-hour support
  • 99.9% availability SLA as standard
  • Achieve 100% uptime SLA promise when taken with our resiliency options 


Leased line benefits

Imagine… A business leased line circuit which has consistently high speeds no matter the number of users meaning congestion is a thing of the past. No signing up to download or upload speeds, when you have complete control over your bandwidth giving you the flexibility to suit your business needs.

Would your business be able to operate without internet access? In the event of an internet outage would your business lose credibility or money? If so, a leased line is definitely right for you.
The dedication we apply to providing the best possible customer experience for all our services. We only supply products that have passed our stringent ‘fit for purpose’ testing. You can trust your connection knowing you are backed up on broadband as well as having the comfort of a Service Level Agreement.

100% uptime guarantee when taken with our resilience options. Backed by service credits and four hour on-site support in the event of hardware failure.

Our advanced data network and large on-net footprint ensure a smooth passage for your internet traffic.