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Here at Jibba Jabba, we believe that behind every great business is great customer service and that's why we take care of the whole process from an initial appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives to assess your business needs to allocating you with an individual account manager to provide you with a personalised ongoing support service. We understand that to run a business, you need to be spending time within your business, that's why we want to make your telecoms simple. Freeing up more time for you to spend in your business, which is where you should be.

All our products and services are inclusive to our customers and our systems are designed to help businesses of all sizes improving customer experience and probability. And that’s not all, at Jibba Jabba we just do telecoms, meaning our team are experts within their field and can focus purely on your telecoms, leaving you with piece of mind that your telecoms are in a place you can trust.




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Director, Dental Focus
We needed a flexible and reliable phone system, which Jibba Jabba were able to provide and exceeded expectations in doing so. The user interface is simple and easy to use meaning we have complete control over call forwarding, making any changes to the call settings and extracting all call reports and data, there are so many other features which I could mention! From the porting of our numbers to implementing the new phone system, the process was straight forward. The team are a friendly bunch and always providing ideas and solutions to any needs and queries.