Jibba Jabba for VoIP

Our hosted VoIP solution is our own platform providing the very best in call rates, features and flexibility which you can control using our simple web control panel. This is then backed up by our UK based customer care team ready to help you every step of the way.



Feature rich cloud switchboard.
No line rental!

From 1p/min

Per month


2000 Mins
Standard UK Landlines and Mobiles

From £6.99

Per month


Feature rich cloud switchboard.
No line rental!

From £13.99

Per month


Gigabit Voucher scheme

Better business broadband

Fibre Broadband £27.99
Ultrafast FTTP Broadband £33.95

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is VoIP?

Comms no longer run across copper phone lines, they use private IP networks. We’ve exposed that right to your handset or device. Pure end to end cloud comms, in full HD quality.

Anywhere, anytime

Plug in a VoIP phone anywhere, answer/make calls on your laptop or mobile device. Unchain your comms and experience the freedom of VoIP.

Use any local area code

Present a number from any area code to your customer no matter where your physical location is.

VoIP Hardware

Pre-configure SIP Users on handsets purchased from our store, so they are ready to go out of the box


Why you should choose Jibba Jabba

At Jibba Jabba, we’re extremely proud of what we do and thrive to provide the best possible service to all our customers. To us, our customers are more than just a number and that's why we believe in a personable service, a dedicated account manager will be assigned and will be there to offer 24/7 support every step of the way, meaning no call centres, but a friendly team of telecom experts, who really know what they are talking about.

Quality of service icon

Quality Of Service

With a consultative approach to telecoms and a full range of products and services, we listen to your business needs, analyse your current telecom bills so we understand how your business works and only provide you with the right products you actually need, with no hidden extras. Having all your telecoms under one roof is lighter on your pocket thus saving you time, just having one point of contact.

Our Promise Icon

Our Promise

We understand how important it is to have an efficient and reliable service, but at an affordable cost. That's why we ensure we tailor our products and services to meet each businesses individual requirements, unlike our competitors, we focus solely on telecoms. When it comes to telecoms, we ensure everything 'just works' so you don't have to.

Our Team Icon

Our Team

Never be waiting on hold again...Our Technical Support team are available 24/7. Your individual account manager will assist you in making the right decisions for your telecomunications needs.

Our Support

Our Support

We strive to keep you happy and that's why our dedicated team are always willing to help, answering the phone, when you call. Once you've put your trust into switching your telecoms to Jibba Jabba, we make sure there is always someone you can speak to. No long waiting call times and no overseas call centres. Just the good old fashioned answering your call when you need us to.